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About Composite Roofing

Composition or composite shingles are gaining popularity among homeowners. It sometimes looks like asphalt shingles but is actually made of composite plastics and fiberglass along with a variant of materials such as asphalt, slate, wood, tar paper and laminate. It is these combinations that make it stronger and more durable.

Composite shingles are also treated to prevent moss and algae growth. The shingles can also be coated to protect against UV light. This process helps reduce weathering and fading. Composite shingles are also available in almost any color and size, including finishes that make it look like shakes or slates.

Composition shingles also incorporate recycled materials including used roofing materials and recycled plastics making it environment friendly and they last approximately 30 - 50 years.

If you have more questions on composite roofing or need roof repair assistance, call R&C Roofing Contractors for a NO OBLIGATION ROOF INSPECTION. Our roof inspections are completed by a HAAG Engineering Certified Roof Inspector (ID #20140814). Our reports are complete and very credible in the roofing industry because of our extensive training and countless inspections to determine weather damages. R&C Roofing Contractors can help you inspect your roof as well as perform high quality repairs to ensure that it is in good condition.

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