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Metal Roofing Options

From multi-story apartment building to residential homes, metal roofs can offer some benefits to homeowners and building owners alike.

When properly installed, metal roofing can last as long as 50 years or more. Because of this, most metal roofs are not as expensive as asphalt shingles in the long run.

Having a cool metal roof also offers energy saving benefits for your home. Many residential metal roofs now have reflective pigment technology, making your home more energy efficient and reducing lower utility bills. It is also fire resistant.

However, one disadvantage of a metal roof is the noise it creates during strong rains. But most building and homeowners are willing to overlook this based on the cost saving benefits a metal roof may offer.

With over 50 years of combined roofing experience, our team can help inspect and repair your roof and help keep you safe! Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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