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Fall Prevention Tips When Working on Your Roof

Falls from roofs account for more than one-thirds of fall related deaths in residential construction. So before attempting to do any home repairs on your roof, here are some helpful safety reminders to consider.

1. Survey The Roof - If your roof is badly damaged or is poorly constructed, it could impact safety. A steep roof can also be hard to navigate and create a higher risk of slipping.

2. Stage Your Tools Properly - Be wary of loose materials and hand-held equipment than can cause you to trip and slip when working on your roof. When handling material on the roof, hold the item on the side of your body facing the down sloped edge of the roof to prevent getting struck by the material in case you drop it.

3. Protect People On The Ground - If you have family members in the house, establish a restricted area around the perimeter of your work area so they don't get hit by any debris or tools that may fall to the ground.

4. Know When To Call the Pros - If the project seems a lot more bigger than you can handle, contact a professional roofing company to help. Our experienced team at R&C Roofing Contractors can help inspect and repair your roof.

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