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How To Spot Wind Damage On Your Roof

Most roofs are designed to resist typical winds, but constant strong winds and rain can take a toll on your roof through the years. It's always a good idea to have your roof inspected by professional roofers but here are some things you can do to spot any roof damage.

1. Outdoor Inspection - Check for missing or damaged shingles on your roof. Signs of damage may include cracked or torn shingles. If you have a flat roof, check for cracks or tears not

2. Check your Gutters - Be sure to also check your gutters, ventilation pipes, and fencing for any signs of damage. If you find rust, leaks, or any missing sections of your gutter, it may be a good time to clean it out and call for repairs.

3. Check Windows, Doors and Garage - These areas are possible "weak spots" during strong winds since they can be opened. Check the bolts or pins to ensure that it is strong enough. In the event of a hurricane, the garage door is often the first one to collapse, which an endanger the rest of your home's structure.

4. Check Indoors As Well - Check for moisture marks in your home. Do you see any yellow or brown stains or peeling paint on your walls and ceilings? This could indicate that your roof may be leaking or has signs of damage. Also check your energy bill if there are sudden spikes in energy costs as it could be sign that your roof ventilation has been damaged.

If you do notice any wind damage, don't wait! Contact RC Roofing Contractors today for a no-obligation roof inspection!

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