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How To Tell When It's Time To Call a Roofing Company

Your roof is an important part of your home that shouldn't be taken for granted. Any significant damage can create higher energy and repair costs. So here are some tips on how to tell if it's time to call the experts.

1. Streaks on Shingles - If you notice any streaks or stains on your shingles or if it is curled or buckled, it may be time to call a roof repair company. Watch out for mold and water stains as well.

2. High Electric Bill - You may be due a roof inspection if you notice unusual spikes in your energy bill. This, topped with water stains or leaks after a strong rain may be an indication of a damaged roof.

3. Less or Missing Granules - For asphalt shingled roofs, roof granules help provide an extra layer of protection for your roof's surface. It also helps reduce sun damage. Over time, granules can wash away and deteriorate. After a strong storm or wind, be sure to check if your roof has missing granules. If you notice too much missing granules, it's time to get it replaced before leaks begin to occur.

If you notice these symptoms and more, call us at R&C Roofing Contractors! Our experienced team can help inspect and repair your roof to check for wind damage before it's too late.

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