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Roofing Hazards Explained

To avoid the risk of injuries and accidents while working on your roof, it's important to recognize the hazards and find ways (and protection devices) to prevent them.

Slippery and Wet Conditions - Moisture and rain, especially on a steep roof can be a potential source of an accidental slip or fall. Avoid doing any work during raining conditions.

Electrical Equipment - Going up on your roof can potentially take you near various HVAC, power lines and even solar panels and other electrical equipment so be careful not so slip around these items.

Ladders - Exercise caution when using ladders. While they help you get the job done, make sure it is properly secured or tied off to the house to avoid accidental falls or injury.

Heat - Being on the roof can expose you to reflected heat coming off your roof. Be sure to take breaks and hydrate yourself and check the weather for extreme heat conditions before working on your roof.

Debris - From loose tools, construction materials to tree branches may cause potential tripping hazard, especially during strong winds so always be careful to clean your work space before and after the job.

If you'd like to leave it to the pros, call us at R&C Roofing Contractors to schedule a free roof inspection. With over 50 years of combined roofing experience, our team can help inspect and repair your roof and help keep you safe!

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