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Roofing Terms Explained

Whether you're doing a roof repair yourself or hiring a roofing company, it is important to familiarize yourself with some basic roofing terms. Your roof, after all, is an important component of your home so it's good to know how some terms.

Diverter - A metal strip that diverts water on the roof away from an opening where gutters cannot be installed. This is usually a metal that's 12" x 12" high and 10 ft long.

Dry Rot - Dry rot is the deterioration of wood fibers that are exposed to moisture for a long time. Dry rot can go undetected for years so it's important to check your roof for damage after heavy rains.

Eave - Eave is the area the hangs over the lower edge of your roof.

Exposure - This refers to the area of roofing material that is exposed to the elements.

Felt - A moisture barrier that helps protect your roof deck. Also called "tar paper"

Flashing - This is the thin metal sheet or fitting that covers the seam of your roof.

Gutters - Rain gutters catch rain water and help control your roof drainage run off. Gutters are attached to the eave of your roof.

Rafter - It's the framework where the roof deck is nailed to.

Underlayment - This is a protection that can be found under most roofing systems. also called Felt. It is used as a barrier against moisture.

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