• Safety Tips When Using Tools To Repair Your Roof

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Safety Tips When Using Tools To Repair Your Roof

When doing DIY work on your roof, here are some things to keep in mind when using your tools.

1. Ladder - Make sure your ladders confirm with the approved OSHA safety codes. Set up your ladder properly by making sure it is placed on solid and level footing. Set your ladder up against a solid structure and make sure to extend your ladder 36" above the landing so that you have a secure spot to hold on to when transitioning from the roof to the ladder. Never use a damaged ladder!

2. Nail Gun - Use this item with caution and always check the safety to avoid injury to yourself or anyone nearby. Only use a well-lubricated and inspected nail gun. Don't rest your nail gun against your body and never point it at other people.

3. Hammer - Mark sure you wear eye protection when using a hammer. Hit the nail squarely to reduce the chance of it flying back at you. If your hammer has craked handles, throw it away!

4. Utility Knife - When using a utility knife, cut away from your body. Replace dull blade often and retract the blade when done.

5. Shoes - Make sure you wear the right shoes for the job. Choose shoe or boots with rubber soles and a good tread when you go up on the roof to avoid slipping.

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