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The Benefits of Applying Roof Sealant

Applying sealant on your roof can help prevent leaks and keep water out of your home.

It is a much simpler process on the roof compared to installing shingles or metal roofing. It can also go a long way toward keeping your home leak-free.

Metal roofs should be sealed every 2 years keep it in good condition. They also need to be sealed after storms and strong winds.

Make sure you do a roof inspection and look for cracks that can cause leaks. Remove any flaking from your roof coating with a wire brush. If you notice mildew spots, these can be treated by rinsing with chlorine bleach.

Roof sealants won't properly stick to a dirty roof so be sure to clean and wash your roof thoroughly of any debris using a garden hose and make sure your roof is dry before beginning the process.

If you notice any repairs that need to be done, it is best to do so now before applying a sealant on the roof. If you need assistance, be sure to contact us at R&C Roofing Contractors.

Ask us about a no obligation roof inspection. With over 50 years of combined roofing experience, our team can help inspect and repair your roof and help keep your roof in good health.

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